Few industries have such a wide range of units of measurement as the energy sector.

To help you find your way around different units of measurement, EconGas provides a comprehensive conversion table —so you can compare like with like at the touch of a key.

Natural gas MWh MTCE
’000 cu m
of natural gas
GJ (10^9J)
Calorifc value per unit   8,14* 10** 11,4***  
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’000 cu m of natural gas
GJ (10^9J)

Conversion into units of primary energy (without adjustments for efficiency)
* Heating value in MWh/t, source Taschenbuch für Heizung und Klimatechnik, Recknagel, Sprenger and Schramek, January 2002 edition
**Heating value in MWh/1,000 N cu m (= kWh/N cu m) for natural gas supplied in Austria
*** Heating value of medium fuel oil, in MWh/t, source Önorm H5050 standard

SI conversion table


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